At the California Honey Festival, there’s something for everyone


10:30Neal Williams; Professor of Entomology, UC Davis  
 Native bees and their conservation   
11:00Kitty Bolte; GATEways Horticulturist; UC Davis Arboretum and Public Gardens 
 Planting your garden to be a welcoming space for pollinators  
11:30Honey Queen Selena Rampolla    
12:00Amina Harris; Director, Honey and Pollination Center, UC Davis; Co-Owner of Z Specialty Food and The HIVE, Woodland, CA 
 Let’s learn how to taste honey!   
1:00Wendy Mather, Co-Program Manager of the California Master Beekeeping Program; UC ANR and UC Davis 
 So – You Want to Be a Beekeeper?   
1:30Jean Philippe Marelli; Integrated Pest Management Mars International; Journey Level Master Beekeeper; Melipona Beekeeper, Brazil 
 Stingless Bees – The Amazing World of Melipona Bees  
2:00Elina Lastro Nino; Associate Professor of Cooperative Extension and Entomology, UC Davis 
 What our Bee Research is Teaching Us  
2:30Samsto Sanmu; Fulbright Humphrey Scholar; UC Davis; Founder and Director of the Feng Huang  Women’s Beekeeping  Collective in Tibet, China 
 Empowering women to become beekeepers and breadwinners for their families while keeping bees in the wild 
3:00Rachel Davis; Coordinator of Bee City Woodland and Bee University Davis; Rachel is also a GATEway Horticulgturist; UC Davis Arboretum and Public Gardens
 Woodland is a Bee City; UC Davis is a Bee University – What this means to our communities. 
3:30Honey Queen Selena Rampolla

What do we do?

We celebrate pollinators like the honey bee and spread awareness about how to protect bees from an even deeper population decline as result of threats such as climate change, habitat devastation, and disease

We encourage education about our dwindling native bee, hummingbird, and butterfly populations

We support local vendors and sponsors that advocate for pollinators through their products or actions within their community

We highlight Woodland and Yolo County’s place at the epicenter of bees and pollination

We educate the next generation of beekeepers and pollinator advocates

We host a family-friendly event featuring art, wine, beer, mead, food, music, kids’ arts and crafts, vendors, and honey galore!